High on life = Marveling at the wonder of life

A boutique experience titled 7 Stories and Flavours of the Roš Sisters is a tribute to the land of lively waters and mountains. In this rich sensory experience, you will sense the power of nature and understand how farmers, shepherds, herbalists, and traditionalists of the Soča Valley have coexisted with this elusive force for millennia. You will marvel at the beauty of life, which essentially means "high on life." Being intoxicated by life.

Sisters Ana and Maja Roš = Conductors of a boutique experience of the Soča Valley

High above the clouds reside Nebesa Chalets, four cottages, nests for two, where silence is the most beautiful music. There, Maja Roš will welcome you with her family. High on life is the kitchen of Hiša Franko, where Ana Roš, one of the greatest stars of fine cuisine in the world, relies on local ingredients and flavours. Ana and Maja are sisters. They invite you to take a walk on well-threaded paths and explore the forests, meadows, and pastures that are also Ana's inspiration and pantry.

Life high above the daily routine

7 Stories and Flavors of the Roš Sisters



225 EUR/person

Ultimate High on Life guided tour: From majestic mountains and forests to Ana's culinary delights.

With the smell of nature and sound of bells to the living mountains of the Soča valley, where cheesemakers make dairy delicacies for Hiša Franko and Nebesa Chalets. A date with Ana's herbalist, Miha, and a forest adventure into the world of wild food. Ringing the wishing bells high above ordinary life, at the magnificent viewpoint and energetically powerful spot of the Soča Valley under Krn, which Maja holds very dear.


High on life adventure combines the wonders of nature and cuisine hand in hand. The natural beauty of the Soča Valley serves as the culinary backdrop for one of the world's finest culinary maestros, Ana Roš of Hiša Franko. Through the cheese-making traditions on the alpine pastures, foraging in meadows and forests, and the vibrant fish life in the Soča river, you will discover the exceptional ingredients of the Soča Valley.

Immerse yourself in a thousand-year-old tradition of the alpine pastures and indulge in its nourishing delights

From Nebesa Chalets and Hiša Franko, we will venture to the alpine pastures. But before that, we will explore the historic town of Kobarid, where we will seek out the source of pristine spring water and hear the story of Slovenia's most sustainable dairy, which sources milk exclusively from local farmers in the Soča region. In the same area where shepherds have grazed their livestock for three thousand years, milk and whey flow abundantly. We will visit the cheesemakers in a traditional alpine settlement located 1,500 meters above sea level, where fresh, warm cottage cheese emerges from the vats and shelves are laden with golden wheels of fresh cheese.

Gather energy among living waters and mountains

Along the Soča River, we'll have a little fish picnic while sharing stories of the conservation efforts for the Soča trout. With herbalist Miha, who gathers herbs, wild plants, and roots all year round for the world's finest chef, we'll take a stroll above the Soča Valley just like bees when collecting their nectar. In meadows and forests, we'll gather medicinal herbs and other delicious ingredients regularly found on Ana Roš's menu. We'll use them to create the most delectable "frtalja" (a traditional Slovenian dish) over an open fireplace in the heart of the forest clearing. We'll replenish our energy by visiting healing springs and standing beneath a mysterious waterfall. We'll encounter the indigenous Drežnica goat and conclude our journey in a secluded cheese-making community.


  • At around 9 AM: guide picks you up
  • Energy sip from the sacred spring of Kobarid and the story of the ancient beliefs
  • The story of the most sustainable Slovenian dairy
  • Fish picnic and the tale of the Soča trout genome conservation
  • War and peace
  • Herbalist-guided walk and a culinary surprise in the heart of the forest
  • Crystal-clear waterfall and the energy of water
  • Visit to a high mountain pasture and tasting of cheese and cottage cheese
  • Alpine snack
  • At around 4 PM: guide brings you "home"


  • 7 stories of life in the Soča region
  • 7 flavors of the Soča Valley
  • 7 values of the Roš sisters
  • Getting to know alpine life and tasting local dairy products
  • Herbal walk with the forager of the world's finest chef
  • Preparing a shepherd's dish from gathered ingredients in the heart of the forest
  • Discovering and tasting indigenous fish species
  • Nourishing with the energy of healing water
  • Concert with real cowbells

Price: 225 EUR per person, includes full-day guided tour, transportation with off-road vehicle to all locations, herbalist guide, culinary experiences, and a welcome gift.

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